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Grandpas’ Threeway Getaway: Part 1


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Young couples Chris & Vanna along with Diego & Lily head to the guy’s grandpa’s shared summer cabin rental for a vacation getaway. The ladies devise a plan to get the dudes off quickly so they can be alone and explore some lesbian antics – but of course, that’s always easier said than done!

After Rick pried my face out of his manly ass, he stood me up and bent me over with my hands against the shower wall, like I was on an episode of Cops. He slathered lube on my hungry asshole, and I assumed his big cock also. I felt the big cock rubbing over my cheeks and cleft, searching for my hole. When he had it lined up with my asshole he started to gently push it in. Although Rick was very gentle it hurt like hell!


“Please Rick, take it out, it’s Grandpas!” I screamed.


“It’ll soon feel good sweety, all the pain will disappear, and you’ll wonder how you could have ever cum without a cock in your ass,” said Rick as he gently eased more cock up my ass.


Just as Rick said, the pain had soon eased, and I started to feel pleasure as his big cock started a rhythm of in and out movements into my ass. Oh my God, getting fucked in the ass felt so good! Rick leaned on my back and nuzzled my neck and ears with his tongue and lips calling me his sweet little girly boi. When I heard him say that, I exploded my cum all over the wall of the shower. Each cumshot caused my ass to spasm, milking Rick’s cock with my Grandpas, causing him to shoot shot after shot of sperm up my sissy ass.


As I was catching my breath from the most amazing orgasm of my young life, I heard the sound of someone clapping. I glanced out of the shower, with the water still cascading over us, and saw a beautiful woman watching us and clapping. My God, it was Don, or rather Dawn! She had watched as another man fucked my ass. She had heard all my girly moaning and pleading to be fucked harder.


“Congratulations honey, you are now a full-fledged cock slut. You’ve had a man’s cock up your ass and had him fuck you until he spurted up your ass. ” exclaimed Dawn. He, oops, I mean she, looked beautiful and so sexy completely made up and dressed.


“Oh darling, you look so glamourous!” I exclaimed in my new sissy voice, “my sissy name is Dani by the way. You’re so right Dawn honey, I feel like such a sissy. I don’t want to look like or be a woman, I want to be a sissy for men and other sissies. I want to dress and wear makeup so that men will know that I’m a sissy who will instantly drop to my knees and suck their cocks or bend over and give them my ass. Speaking of which, I just came and there’s no guilt, only a yearning for more cock,” I said, as Rick and I dried each other off.


“My God Dani, quit playing with Rick’s cock.” Dawn chuckled. Also, you had better phone your parents and tell them that you’ll be staying with friends for a few days. We’re going to get you all the juicy cock that you can handle dear.” Dawn said as she moved over and kissed me with her ruby red lips.


As we broke away from the kiss, I looked Dawn over from head to toe, ruby red lipstick. Dawn noticed that I was taking stock of her and started posing. She had on a red lacey satin bra accompanied by matching red lacey satin panties. There was a cute bulge in the panties that made me want to drop to my knees and lick her cock through the pretty panties. Sheer, red nylon thigh-high stockings, held up by a black lacey garter belt, completed her outfit. In her hand, she carried black stiletto pumps.


“Dani, sweetie, wait until you see what I have laid out for you to wear tonight.


The other gurls? What fucking other Grandpas? I thought.