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Brazzers – S Is For Squirt – Gabriella Paltrova, Casey Calvert


Two expert squirters like Casey and Gabriella have no trouble Brazzers soaking our screens with their sweet pussy juice. With a big Brazzers certified cock to play with who knows how wet they’ll get!
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He kept up the pace and I began building up to another orgasm. I already had so many the nights before. We need to get going. Being Sunday the traffic back to is going to be really bad.”

Juan answered, “Almost there! Where do you want me to dump it?”

Tito replied, “Her mouth. I want to see her swallowing it down her throat. We won’t have time to stop for food until we get back to L.A.

I swallowed every yummy drop. I was now used to the taste of semen. It was no longer disgusting to drink sperm.  In my mind I had accepted the fact that I was now their owned whore. It was written all over me. I was no longer a good decent girl. I was exactly what they were training me to become. All of my will power, inhibitions and moral code had disappeared in just one weekend; just like Geri.
As I was cleaning up in the bathroom and getting the white dress and stockings back on with a pair of panties as directed by Tito, I heard Tito tell Juan, “Look at what the Puta made this weekend. It’s more than expected. She fucked 23 guys so far and not counting the guys when making the video. I have a Party to take her to on the way back. That should give us another thousand. I think I’m going to enjoy farming out this one. Maybe I’ll keep around a lot longer before I sell her off.”