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Brazzers – Anal About My Jeans – Luna Star


There aren’t many who can stretch out a pair of jeans like Luna "Big Booty" Star. Conversely there aren’t many who can fill a tight puckered asshole like Ramon. The stage is set for these two behemoths of buttfucking to put on a pounding for the ages.
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It was 10 AM, we used to hear songs with one earpiece on her ear and one on mine. Trust me guys, this generation True Wireless Earphone (Airpods) can’t give you the feel of wired earphones shared between two people. Since it was 2 seat on the left, we sat close and had a convenient way to listen to songs without any distortion of the headphones.

I accidentally brushed against her right boob with my left elbow while trying to change the song. It was the first time I ever brushed a girl’s boob. She smiled and doesn’t even pay much attention. It felt like touching a sponge. To my surprise, she held my hand and folded around her right hand. It was like two couples holding elbows crossed. Now my elbow was bestowed to take the honour of being in contact with her boobs.

She blushed and asked what was that? I said ‘What?’ She looked down on my pants. I was like ‘Oh God’. My boner is easily visible in my pants. I quickly tried to hide it while adjusting my pants. She was laughing all then. We then reached the destination after some time and went inside the theatre.

It was Bahubali Part-2. We thought the movie theatre would be full, but to our surprise, there were only a few people. I booked via online so that I can choose my spot. We sat there for the movie to start. When it all went dark, I held her hands and looked at her in the spotlight. Her eyes felt Intriguing to see. She said ‘If it wasn’t for your eyes, I wouldn’t be here with you’. Trust me guys, it feels amazing when a girl praised her man and I felt that. I laughed and continued watching the movie.

Porn Stars: Luna Star / Ramon Nomar