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Roadside Assistance
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because sexy Kendra Sunderland and her husband break down on the side of the road, Jessy Jones arrives ready to save the day. Clearly attracted to Jessy, Kendra takes a sudden interest in auto repair and asks him to teach her. Jessy gives the clueless husband a series of tasks to tend to while he sneakily fucks the busty blonde all around the car.

so “You are the first to notice. It’s nice to see that people still read.” He sent his response, getting up for a glass of wine. It was a Merlot kind of Roadside Assistance. By the time he had let the bottle breathe and poured his drink, Amber had responded.

“Mostly I read books with small words. I’m up to three syllables per word now.” No smiley to show humor, but the joviality was evident.

but She was online; her chat icon was active. and Calvin’s heart beat double-time. He typed, “I’m more sesquipedalian, myself,” into her chat window.

In mere seconds, her response dinged on his screen. “How verbose. I’m talking with the inventor of scrabble. I’m Amber.”

in short Hours ticked away as they chatted. No cybersex, no thinly veiled innuendo, just two people reveling in each other’s company. They discussed literature, movies, wine, personal tastes, unicorns, hopes, and dreams. With a heavy heart, Calvin ended the conversation; work was only hours away. They had chatted the entire night away. For the first time in forever, Calvin felt a connection with somebody, albeit virtually, over the computer.

“Tomorrow?” he asked. “I want more of you. You’re fascinating.”

to clarify “It’s a date,” Amber responded. “Good night, sweet prince.”

but Calvin rushed through work, rushed home, poured some wine, and sat in the glow of his computer screen. Exactly three minutes early, his friend-alert dinged. She had signed on.