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Valentina Nappi steams things up in this eye-catching scene where no man is off-limits. Enjoying a day at the spa turns into a satisfying fuck for Tommy Cabrio even if his girlfriend’s holes aren’t the ones he’s fucking! This cuckold adventure follows one man’s bold attempt to sneakily get some ass, sweat out some toxins, In Short hopefully not wake his sleeping girlfriend up in the process and Valentina is happy to help.

I, Quentin Noel, am a proud nobody.

Because As a senior in high school, with no real friends or any particular long-term career plans in mind, some may even be inclined to describe me as a total loser. And they would be right. And I wouldn’t even fight it.

Why? Because I’m an optimist at heart. There are perks to being the invisible kid at school. It humbles you, and high school is hard enough as it is— it’s a ruthless, metaphorical jungle where you have to learn to fend for yourself and survive all the drama, rumors, and nasty shit-talking behind people’s backs.

In fact, I’ve never really envied the so-called popular kids for that reason: it’s no secret that being the center of everyone’s attention comes with its own price, after all. If the choice had to be between constantly stressing about what people think about you, vs. simply being someone who no one really pays any attention to, well, I’m just saying the latter does have its own benefits.

I mean, okay, yes; to be fair, it would be a lie if I said I was totally happy about the passive person I’ve become over the years. I daydream about making real friends too, maybe even finding a significant other someday.

But I’ve already decided that’ll all be for when I head off to college. I’ve actually already been admitted early to my top choice school for the fall— it’s a decent program, reasonably priced, and most importantly, it’s out of state. Although I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to major in, I knew I was excited to leave this town. Once I do so, I can do whatever I wanted. Be whoever I wanted. No more hiding myself, especially inside the closet. I’ll finally get to just be… me.

~ ~ ~

It was the second week of winter break. A quarter past ten, and sixty-five degrees outside. Perhaps unusually warm and uncharacteristic considering the winter season, but this was normal in the sunshine town of San Nicolas, California, where I live. I get up from my bed and stretch while glancing out the window. Wow, the weather couldn’t be more perfect. Especially for a day like this. December 24th, Christmas Eve.

I contemplate whether I should take a morning walk outside. After all, the second week of no school meant I’ve practically morphed into a living, breathing couch potato; it’d probably be a good change of pace to get out of the house for once.

After taking a shower, I head downstairs. The weather was nice, and I’m feeling energized. Today will be a good day, I tell myself. That is, until I find a note from a dad saying he’s been called in for another late-night shift and will have to miss dinner again.

I frown. But it’s okay.

In Short My dad works as a nurse at a nearby hospital, which often means he has irregular shifts, often being called in last minute. But again, it’s all okay. I’m an optimist at heart. And that means I choose to focus on the positive side of things whenever I can. At the end of the day, I genuinely respect my dad’s profession and the impact he has on his patients. I’m okay. Even if it means I have to spend Christmas Eve all alone. Even if this is the fourth year in a row I’ve had to do that. It’s these small moments of joy that keeps me going.

See? I’m really okay after all.


It all began with a sudden knock on a door.

To Clarify I look up, slightly confused. My dad is more of the reclusive type like me and doesn’t have many friends. We rarely have visitors at my house. I put down the pop tart I was about to eat, and slowly make my way to the front door.

“Hello? Is anybody home?”

On the other side of the peephole was a small old lady who I’ve never seen. Maybe she was someone affiliated with my dad’s hospital.

“Hi, uh, are you here for my dad?” I ask while opening the door. My bare feet feel surprisingly cold against the morning concrete.

“Ah, thank goodness somebody was home!” the old lady squeakily proclaims. She was… very old. Ancient old. About 3 feet tall, tiny, her face and stature shriveled up like a century-old prune. Beside her was a leather suitcase, almost the same size as she was.“I am in desperate need of help. Do you have a few minutes you can spare, young man?”

I blink. “S-Sure,” I say, stepping out the front door, still confused about what was going on.

“Thank you.” The old lady’s already shriveled face crinkles into a smile. “You see, I’m visiting the town, on my way to deliver a gift to an old friend who lives nearby. But it seems I may have gotten lost. Would you mind helping me with directions?”

I look down at her hands to see a crinkled old paper. A map. An old one, too. But Putting two and two together, I smile and pull out my phone, tapping on Google maps. “Of course. Do you have the address?”