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Brazzers House 2: Day 2


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because a crazy first day (and night) in the Brazzers House our pornstars are ready to ramp up the competition! Breakfast and boobies are served followed by a special delivery from Sybian! The girls play a sexy guessing game that rewards the winning team with a hot and nasty orgy. But the competition doesn’t end there – each contestant is invited to the master bedroom one by one to show Brazzers fans why she deserves every vote you’ve got! And even after a full day of fucking, one special girl needs MORE cock…

I could feel my face going hot. Whether it was from the questioning or the alcohol, I wasn’t sure.

“Chicago,” I said. “In the dorm. Like a normal person.”

in short Kyle was quiet for a moment. He didn’t take my bait. The train hit a rut and the car seemed to lurch to the side, reminding us that we were in motion.

“For me, it was in the UK,” he said. “In the shower.”

“Brazzers House” I said. “I used that after you.”

but i jokingly tossed an empty at him and he swatted it away.

“It’s getting to me, man.”

so “Are you asking me if you can rub one out in our sleeper car?” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“No. It’s fine,” he said, quickly, reaching for another beer. “I’m just being honest.”

In short all those weeks of staying in hostels and sleeping on public busses, we were lucky if there were only four strangers with eyes on us all the time. Now, but with just the two of us in this car for the night, it really was like being alone.

“I mean, if you gotta do it you gotta do it,” I said. “Just cover yourself up or something.”

to clarify Just as quickly as he’d played it off, Kyles’s expression lit up Brazzers House.