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[ brazzers ] An Anal Proposal


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 Whitney Wright’s boyfriend is planning to propose, so he fakes an excuse to get out of the house and surprise her. Little does he know, horny Whitney takes advantage of his leave and booty calls her favorite fuck, Isiah Maxwell. Petite Whitney begs for Isiah to fill her tight, little asshole with his huge cock, and is screaming his name when her boyfriend enters the room ring-in-hand! Her boyfriend tells her where she can shove it, but it turns out that’s exactly how naughty Whitney likes it.

Eventually, she made her way down to my shorts, which she quickly took off me. I arched my back a little, the moment I felt her start to suck me off. “Oh, fuck, mom.” With how long it’d been since I was able to rub one out, it didn’t take long before, with a loud groan, I went off inside my mom’s mouth.

After audibly swallowing my load, my mom got up on her knees and whipped her t-shirt off, showing me her large, middle-aged tits, with the biggest, juiciest nipples I’d ever seen. Quickly sitting up, I grabbed and started squeezing and sucking them.

“Oh, God, baby…” My mom then leaned back, and spread her legs out, making it clear where she wanted me to go next.

With her help, I got her shorts off, panties with them, and instantly the over-powering smell of my mom’s unshaven cunt made my dick hard again, and made me light-headed. “Fuck, mom,” I muttered, then leaned in.

My mom groaned and arched her back even more than I did when I started eating out her pussy. As I went deeper with my tongue and fingers, spitting out the odd hair, my mom started grinding her hips and feeling up her tits. Like with me, it didn’t take my mom long to have her first orgasm, her pussy squirting a little in my mouth, and in my scraggly beard.