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[brazzers] Luna’s Private Dance brazzers


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Sucking on a lollipop and carrying a whole lot of cash, Luna Star takes a seat in the VIP room. She’s here for a special private performance from Angel Youngs, who will earn every dollar she makes tonight. Angel works the pole like a true pro, wrapping her legs around it, seductively spinning around, tempting and teasing Luna, who makes it rain all over the blonde dancer before requesting a lap dance. Things heat up and the two are soon all over each other when Luna decides to strip for Angel as well. When Scott Nails joins in on the action, he gives the pair a different pole to work, leading to a wild threesome.

If only I had known how things were going to turn out, I would have been utterly delighted about a road trip with Claude. As it was, I was utterly terrified. It all started when my boss, Mr. Walker, walked into my office on, what had been to that point, a typical Tuesday afternoon at work.

“Devin, we’ve got a real mess in Texas. I’m sending Claude down to see what the hell is going on and get things straightened out.” He said with a troubled expression. “I need an engineer to go down with him. If we don’t get this job back on track…” he trailed off, looking at me with worried pleading eyes. “Can you do it?”

“Umm yeah, I can go. That’s Mike’s project, you don’t want him to go?” I answered, wondering what had happened with the project.

“Mike’s going to have his hands full here,

I need another engineer on-site to help him get things back on track.”

“Oh, okay, yeah I’ll go. When are we leaving?” I asked Luna star, taking pride in the fact that he had enough confidence in me to ask for my Brazzers

with such an important project. I was also a bit worried about what sort of mess I was getting into,

and hoping I was up to the challenge of fixing it.

“Tomorrow. Claude has to take his tools and some equipment down, so you can ride down in the truck with him. I don’t know how long it’s going to take to get this fixed so plan on being there for a while. Claude will probably want to get on the road early so, get with him on the details. Thanks for doing this Devin, I can’t tell you how important this is for the company.

Though he tried to hide it, the worry was clear in Mr. Walker’s demeanor and I realized, this could be disastrous for the company

if we couldn’t get the project back on track. I also realized what an opportunity it could be for me if I was able to help straighten out the mess. I excitedly packed everything from my Brazzers that I might need,

then shut down my computer and went to find Claude. That’s when the fear began to build.

Claude was somewhat of a legend around the company.

thicker than most men’s legs. At the age of fifty-one, his long bushy beard was streaked gray Brazzers,

though the wavy locks hanging down to his shoulders remained ruddy brown.