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Brazzers – Savannah’s Anal Yoga – Savannah Bond


Savannah Bond is just minding her own Brazzers business, trying to do some yoga with her buttplug and transparent tights, when her horny boyfriend Gabriel Trigger comes home. Gabriel can’t resist spanking Savannah’s ass, which quickly distracts her from her workout. She lets her boyfriend fondle her and rip her tights. It’s not long before the lucky guy has his dick in Savannah’s stunning ass.
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Fast forward to August of 2005, Layla and I met up for lunch, and then shopped for various items at an IKEA for her new apartment.  I’d lost a few pounds over the summer, and she commented on how great I was looking!  Now, admittedly, i’d seen Layla in nothing less than winter clothes for the most part, but as it was summer, she appeared in a really sexy summer dress.

She offered to take me to dinner wherever I wanted as a thank-you, and I agreed.  But since we’d worked all day (and her apartment’s a/c was not working), we were both sweaty.  I told her I needed to shower, so I began to head home.  She told me I could just shower there, and borrow some clothes her father left accidentally while mine were in the laundry.

So I got into the shower, and cleaned up.  Layla would shower right after me.  I finished up, and Layla walked in wearing nothing but a towel, and I quickly covered up with a towel.