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Brazzers – Meat The Parents – Sensual Jane


Imagine Danny D’s surprise when he showed up to meet Brazzers the in-laws and came face-to-face. With the gorgeous Romanian stripper from his bachelor party. That’s right, his new wife’s mom was the beautiful Milf. Who had tempted him to cheat on his last night as a single man. Over dinner, Sensual Jane played with her food and told Danny how badly she wanted to get her hands on his foot-long sausage. As soon as her daughter and husband left for an errand, Jane seduced Danny on the couch, enticing him with her big natural tits. Check out how Danny pounded this gorgeous Milf on the leather sofa. Until his mother-in-law moaned with the pleasure of a big-dick orgasm.

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Fuck, caught rotten, this puts a hole in everything. They know, they all know. Who was I thinking I was fooling by thinking I could pull this off. Then it dawned on me, the other two were still interested. I picked myself back up and got back on my game .

“Hey Sheila, I apologise,

I shouldn’t have treating you all the way I have, any chance I can see you to talk and apologise on person?” I sent to Sheila, hoping I would get a reply. “We all make mistakes, call up to my house after 8pm, my mother is heading out, we have the house to ourselves” came the reply from Sheila. Sorted, I would leave Katie off until tomorrow I thought to myself, if I know Katie, this won’t affect her.8pm I drove up to Sheila’s house, I stopped in the off licence and bought a big bottle of vodka and twelve cans of redbull. I knocked on the door and Sheila answered. “Wow…..Jesus……fuck….” was about all I managed to get out of my mouth.
Porn Stars: Danny D / Sensual Jane