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I lay on top of Mrs. Jennings with my cock still inside her pussy as she clutched my back and asked me not to pull out of her.  Mrs. Jennings was kissing my neck, face, and lips as she told me over and over how good I felt inside her.  My penis got hard again within seconds; I was seventeen after all and my cock recovered quickly after I came.  Her pussy was even wetter than before from her orgasm, her arousal, and a large amount of cum I shot into her.  She gasped out when I pushed my hard cock deeper into her.

“Oh, God – again?  Already?”  She asked me as she moved her hands down to my butt and seemed to try and pull me deeper into her.

I put my hands on the bed next to her and raised my upper body.  I took a moment to look at her breasts.  Damn, they were big and I found her huge, black areolas so sexy.  I had never seen areolas that large before, not even in my porn magazines.  The much darker complexion of them compared to her skin tone was fucking sexy to me.  Her dark erect nipples were so puffy.  I could imagine that if Mrs. Jennings wore tighter clothes that those puffy nipples would constantly be poking through her tops.

I looked further down her body and noticed she had a couple of faint, thin lines of stretch marks around her belly button and just above where her pubic hairs started.  A sign of her age.  They did not change my opinion of her.  I thought she was sexy.  I ran my fingers gently over her stretch marks.

“Yes again.  Your pussy is so good, Mrs. Jennings.”  She gave another gasp as I pushed even deeper into her, as far as I could go, “I am going to fuck that neglected black pussy so hard, Mrs. brazzers full.  I am going to wear your fat, black pussy out with my white cock until you can’t walk straight and it’s sore.  I won’t cum as fast this time.”

Yes, I was purposely being crude and saying vulgar things to her.  I enjoyed how it embarrassed her and took Mrs. Jennings out of her comfort zone.  And yes I bragged, I told you I was also young, cocky, arrogant, and could be an asshole at that age; especially to the girls I fucked.  While my mother instilled in me to respect women and to be a gentleman, when it came to sex with them I was not so respectful when I was younger.

she wanted her to say things like fuck me and use slang terms for my penis and her vagina.  By her previous orgasms and the way she clung to me after I had my orgasm we knew she enjoyed herself a great deal, I just wanted her to admit it and talk about it.  I liked talking about sex with a girl I was fucking, to find out what she enjoyed and wanted me to do to her and what I wanted her to do to me, and talk about it turned me on.  I did not want her to be a prude and wanted her to brazzers full.

The other older woman I had been with, Diane enjoyed me being a controlling and dominant lover.  As my sexual relationship with her progressed and she taught me so much about pleasing a woman sexually she eventually gave up her control and enjoyed being more submissive and a dirty whore for me.  I wanted Mrs. Jennings to be the same, but unlike Diane, who was already a whore for her lovers, Mrs. Jennings was not and I would have to work for it.  The teacher was prim and proper and as I found out even for her age and being married for so long she was rather naïve about sex.

It was not that she did not know about sex or different sexual acts, Mrs. Jennings just never did them and thought most were vulgar and things a good Christian woman did not do.  I knew the work would be so much fun because I enjoyed embarrassing her.  Maybe when I met a girl who I would fall in love with I would treat her differently, but I was young and had plenty of time to meet such a girl.  Right now I just enjoyed fucking girls not brazzers full.

Mrs. Jennings turned her head, “You, you really should not say such things, Patrick.”  The older woman gasped out again as I moved my hips, “You, ohhh dear God that feels nice. You should not keep pointing out the difference between our races.”

I grinned down at her, “But you do have a black pussy and I have a white cock.”  I lowered my head to her large breast and licked and sucked her big areola and nipple.  “You like my white dick in your black pussy, admit it?  Tell me how much you like my white cock fucking your black pussy”

I knew she was not going to admit or tell me what I wanted her to, at least not yet, and before she could chastise me again for my crudeness I pushed my cock deeper into her.   She reacted the way I wanted her to.  Her hands moved to my back again and she held me tight when I started to fuck her very slowly and gently.  As I slowly moved my cock in and out of her I started kissing her neck, face, and lips.  I liked kissing a great deal and I kissed plenty of girls, but as I gently fucked Mrs. Jennings and kissed her mouth she kissed me back with a passion I don’t think any girl ever kissed me with desire and passion.

The older woman was running her hands down my back, down to my butt cheeks, back up my back, around my neck, and then she would repeat the movement of her hands on my body.  Mrs. Jennings was making soft moans of pleasure, telling me how good I felt inside her, calling my name or calling me baby or darling, and she would make louder gasping moans when I would kiss, suck, or use my hands to fondle her hard, dark nipples.

“Uhhhh fuck, Mrs. Jennings…that’s it…damn your pussy is amazing…uhhhh fuck yes…keep doing that,” I moaned out when she started to move her hips.  She would thrust up to meet my thrusts into her or rotate her hips when I pushed deep into her.  I assumed she fucked me back instinctively and to also make herself feel brazzers full.

We fucked slowly and gently for several more minutes as I kissed her and fondled and kissed her erect nipples as the older woman moaned out my name, let out sexy gasping grunts, and called to God when I would push deep into her very wet pussy.  Her hands gripped my back tight as she continued to meet my thrusts with her own.  I kept telling her how good her black pussy was, how wet and tight she felt, and how I enjoyed fucking her.  Mrs. Jennings was so lost in her pleasure that she did not chastise me for using such crude words as we fucked.  We fucked like that until she loudly cried out with another orgasm and as she came I drove my cock as deep as I could into her, held it there, rotated my hips, and kissed her neck and ears.


Porn Stars: Rachel Starr / Scott Nails