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Brazzers My Three Wives


My Three Wives
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Luckiest man on planet earth Johnny Sins can’t keep his hands off his sexy new bride Kissa. Being neglected is not sitting well with Kendra and Peta, so they decide to teach the new girl a lesson. But when Johnny comes home to find his house in disarray and his wives aggressively fucking each other, he decides that what’s needed is a little quality hump time with all three!

And she has hers off quick as a flash. Not sure how she made that look so easy. Perhaps she does it a lot. And her breasts look so good! They’re bigger than mine, and they’re really straining at her blouse, squishing her nipples flat. Bet that feels amazing.

I’ve still got my panties on. I’m ready for Sarah’s next dare, expecting them to go next. Good job they’re nice ones; but she has another idea.

“I dare you, Annie, to go and get My Three Wives!”

“Eh? What’s the dare in that?”

“But you gotta undo another button first!”

Oh, bumholes. I get it now. There are only four buttons in the first place. I’ll be almost fully exposed.

“Erm … okay Sarah.”

I undo the button. Oh, that’s so revealing. You can see almost everything, but I’ve got to go through with it, it’s a dare.

So I get my purse and go over to the ice-cream van. There’s a young guy behind the counter.

“A 99 and a black-currant ice-lolly please,” I say, as calmly as I can.

His eyes are on stalks. “Okay love,” he says. I think he’s too amazed to even pretend not to look. My shirt is gaping open so much that from where he is, looking down from the van, he must be able to see right inside my blouse, the whole curve of my breast and my red nipple, which is pretty hard.

He leans over to hand me the ices, having a good look.

“I’ve given you an extra flake on the house, love,” he says.

“My Three Wives!” I reply, giving him an innocent smile. As I stretch up to hand him the money, my blouse gapes even more, leaving absolutely nothing covered. Oh god, I feel so horny, the air circulating round my bare titties. I turn round and hare off back to Sarah, before the poor guy can say anything else. I flop down on the grass, my blouse flapping open.

Sarah is agog. “Wow, Annie, did he get to see all of that?”

“He sure did; it must have made his day! He gave me an extra flake!”

“No more than you deserve, honey.”

Sarah licks her black-currant lolly in its cardboard tube, tonguing and sucking it as if she were giving a blow-job. This gives me an idea so naughty that I hardly dare say it.

“Okay, Sarah, my turn again. I dare you to…push that ice-lolly into your pussy.”

I thought Sarah would act more shocked, but perhaps she was thinking something similar. This is My Three Wives.

“Really, Annie, are you sure?”

“It’s a dare Sarah!”

She’s going to do it, too. Sarah raises her knees, then parts her legs, wider this time so I can see right up her skirt to her pink slit. It’s definitely wet, her labia puffy and aroused. I think she may have been playing with herself when I was away.

She takes the lolly and pushes a good length out of its cardboard tube. Holding it in one hand, she guides it up between her open thighs, towards her pussy. As it touches her labia, she gasps.

“Oh god, that’s fucking freezing, Annie!”

“It’s an ice lolly, Sarah. What did you expect?”

“Fuck, Annie, you can’t expect me to put this actually inside me! My Three Wives!”