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Brazzers – Sitting on the Sitter’s Dick – Nina Elle


Nina Elle has just come home from a disappointing Brazzers date. Luckily for her, her babysitter Sean Lawless is there to hear all about it. The considerate young lad even offers Ms. Elle a nice rubdown to make her feel better. Of course, once Nina feels his hands all over her oiled up body, she can’t resist taking his cock all up in her wet pussy.
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I was dressed in very short pair of denim shorts, a short T-top revealing my tummy and belly button area and a pair of high heeled, short boots, almost enough for me to clean comfortably, although we all know that cleaning houses was never my main intention when I started taking this job in intervals while having free time, I always had other intentions of making easier money by flirting with clients and home owners, that is why I try to dress in  seductive clothing, but not enough to look like a slut.

Spacy couch in the living room, both men sat on both of my sides, very close to me almost touching my sides, they were big flirts as I have mentioned earlier. But their flirting wasn’t of any annoying type, it was pleasure to me, especially that they are very old both. And I happen to be the type of woman who enjoys the company of older people a lot and. I enjoy making them happy and pleasing them in any way I can.

Their intentions of sexual flirting and appraising my body, checking it out was hard to mess. But that did not annoy me either. I am the sex loving woman who would not mind pleasing them in anyway if it was with benefits in return. Which I had on mind by doing the cleaning lady or maid job anyway.

Porn Stars: Nina Elle / Sean Lawless