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Tattooed and Ready For Anal brazzers


Tattooed and Ready For Anal
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Tall, tattooed and tantalizing, Rocky Emerson spreads her legs and her ass cheeks for Keiran Lee, who fills all her holes with his big dick and feet! Rocky not only wants a taste of Keiran’s dick, but his ass too, giving him a sloppy blowjob and rimjob in this all-out anal scene!

But The hair on his legs was fuzzy, soft, like peaches

It made me excited feeling how he groaned in my ear

So hungry

To Clarify His breath felt moist as he kissed and nibbled at my neck

and collarbone –


To Clarify The possessive and exploring grip of his giant hands upon

my breasts made me feel like he was claiming me

And I wanted to be his

To Clarify I wanted to feel his body feel good as he did what Tattooed and Ready For Anal.

– what he needed

– and, what I needed…

It was the stuff of my fantasies.

… and then…

He was speaking to me

And then he pulled away because I didn’t hear him.

He looked at me, I looked back, my eyes wide

Confused.  Panicked.  Did I do something wrong?

His brow furrowed.  I could sense his concern


His lips moved

I can halfway make out what he was saying

The beating of my heart – so loud.

In Short Anxiety in my mind – thunderously distracting
I squint at his face; trying to read him.



But Being hard of hearing turns other people into Tattooed and Ready For Anal

in short Books of mannerisms, body language, expressions,

repeated patterns converge into a kind of voice

But sometimes I can’t always see or comprehend what they are trying to say

because Sometimes the dialect is too strange,  all I have is context or subtext.

But just pretty squiggles… movements, expressions…





…. he said Tattooed and Ready For Anal.

I nod.  I smile.

but I’m afraid to speak cos my voice has turned partners off before

Too telling of how impaired I am.

How different.

Porn Stars: Keiran Lee / Rocky Emerson