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[brazzers] Stay the Fuck Outta My Room


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Johnny Sins has an asshole roommate who always keeps him up all night banging his slutty girlfriend, busty babe Peta Jensen. He tries to go over there and confront her about her freeloading ways, but when he finds her doing some naked yoga, he decides to hang back and get in a little voyeur action. She spots him before long, but fortunately for him, she wants a taste of his fat cock just as bad as he wants to fuck her big tits! He sucks and fucks those perfect titties, and then fucks her in every position he can think of to really teach his asshole roomie a lesson! Finally, he unleashes a fat cumshot all over Peta’s big jugs and pretty face!

Jenna stepped back a little and finally pulled off her bra, then covered the man’s face with it and pushed him back. She knelt down and deftly unbuckled the waistband of his pants. She rubbed his swollen cock through the fabric of his pants for a few seconds, but then tugged at them, exposing him completely. The girl looked at it eagerly, took it in her hand and pulled it closer to her face. She began to run it over her cheeks, eyes, nose and mouth.
She inhaled the characteristic smell it gave off. Finally, Jenn put it in her mouth. At first, she gently touched its head only with her lips, but with time she was putting it deeper and deeper, caressing it with a wet tongue. Then she took it from her mouth, gripped it firmly at the base, and spat at it.
She spread the saliva over its surface and started stroking hard.

“Ahhh…!” the man groaned.

Every now and then, Jenna changed the pace so he couldn’t get used to it. She slipped his cock between her breasts, squeezed them with both hands and pressed it tightly against her body. She began to move up and down. Shortly after, Jenn decided to move faster and faster, soon she felt his penis throbbing. Finally, she tilted her head so that every movement of his dick ended in her mouth.

“Oh, shit! Fuck!” John yelled. He was clearly on the verge of endurance.

Within seconds, his penis was about to burst, Jenna was well aware of it. With a quick movement, she put his swollen penis into her mouth. The girl heard his loud scream of pleasure and felt warm, sticky sperm filling her mouth and throat. She let him finish and only then took his dick out of her mouth.
She swallowed the contents of her mouth loudly.

“Oh, god. I am so, so… sorry,” the man began to apologize.

“Well… that was quick,” she admitted without emotion. “You can still continue, right? Because I’m definitely not satisfied yet,” she asked, looking him straight in the eyes.

“Y-yeah, I think so…”

“You better,” Jenn said, smirked and wiped the remnants of sperm from her face with her hand. “Move over,” she ordered him and jumped onto the bed herself.

He tried to get up, but she stopped him.

“Lie down,” she commanded him. Jenn stood over brazzers so that his body was between her legs and then she crouched down so that her pussy was at a height that he could reach by stretching his head. She propped herself up, placing her hands on his stomach. The intense smell of her female genitalia hit his nose. “Can you feel it? I am so. Fucking. Wet! Lick it, eat my stinky pussy!” the girl ordered him.

“Yes.” She didn’t have to tell him twice. He stretched his head as far as possible, but was only able to lick it a few times with the very tip of his tongue, as it was deliberately held high so he couldn’t reach it easily.

“Hahahaha!” she laughed perfidiously. “You are very cute. Now, no more games. Make me feel good,” Jenna demanded and put her pussy against his face.

John immediately set his mouth and tongue in motion, greedily trying to please his partner.

“Mhmmm… yes, keep going…” she groaned, enjoying his caresses. At the same time, she began to play with his penis. She took it in her mouth and sucked it. This time, however, her technique was very gentle and slow.

Every now and then, you could hear both of them groaning. They stayed in this position for several minutes.

Finally, Jenn took her ass off him, turned to him, and sat on his stomach.“Not half bad. You know how to please a woman,” she said, toying with his nipple.“It’s time for us to finally get down to the main course, don’t you think?” She blinked knowingly, kissed him on the lips, and moved further back.

The girl now crouched over his crotch. She took his stiff penis in her hand and began to slide it over her genitals. Soon, however, she put the tip of it in her pussy only to finally slide down onto it, making it disappear inside her. She leaned against his chest and slowly began to move. Jenna rose and fell over time, increasing the pace. She rode him like a horse. Sweaty hair stuck to her neck and face, her breasts bounced happily. Waves of pleasure flooded her body.

John felt her pussy tighten on his cock. His partner gave her all, he wasn’t going to be left behind. He plunged harder into the mattress and began to move the pelvis in harmony with the girl’s movements. He did the best he could to keep up with her.

Their bodies slapped against each other. The faster he penetrated her, the louder she moaned. With each passing second, they both got closer to fulfillment.

At some point, however, Jenn began to slow down, and so did he. Until they stopped completely. Breathing hard, they stared at each other for a moment.

“brazzers” he asked, intrigued.

“Huff, huff…, if we are to do this, you must not come inside me under any circumstances. Got it?”

“Yes. Of course,” the man agreed.

“Great! So let’s do it!” She smiled encouragingly.

Jenna got off him, sat on all fours and stuck her bottom towards him. John, on his knees, stood behind her. He took his dick in his hand and gently slid it into her vagina. He then placed both hands on her hips and began to slowly move back and forth.

They were both close now, lust replaced courtesy. He entered her quickly and decisively. Pounding sounds, body juices, and grunts filled the entire room. The girl was clutching the sheet tightly. She felt his fingers digging into her skin and his cock piercing her pussy tightening on him.

“Oh, god! Fuck!” she screamed with pleasure.

“A-a-aaagh!” he echoed her.

The longed-for moment has finally come. Orgasm pierced her brazzers. She trembled in convulsions and, unable to support herself any longer, she fell on her stomach.

At the same time, the man’s penis began to pulsate intensely, he felt pain and the need for relief. However, he intended to keep his promise. When he felt he couldn’t hold back anymore, he pulled his penis out of her and then fired. Thick, white sperm landed on the buttocks, loins and back of the exhausted woman. Tired, he exhausted himself completely and lay down next to his partner.

Porn Stars: Johnny Sins / peta jensen