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Brazzers – The Best Way To Get Off – Jasmine Webb, Georgie Lyall


When Georgie Lyall agreed to Brazzers go to her boyfriend folks’ house for the weekend, she wasn’t expecting him to withhold the dick and deprive her of sex.

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Mom and I moved a lot after she and Dad got divorced. The first place we lived was the nicest but it turned out to be too expensive when my dad wouldn’t come up with any money for us to live on. That was back when a guy could move out of state and avoid paying child support.  He’d converted their basement into a huge bedroom complete with big screen TV, VCR and pool table.Wes would have a bunch of girls over when he could. I went to school but he was a drop out. I’d go over after school and occasionally he’d have a porn movie playing. That was a big thing for me because I’d never seen one.Things pretty much went that way for a few weeks. I got the rest of the day off, so I went over to Wes place for the first time during the day. He was there alone and was watching a porno movie. I plopped down and centered on what was going on onscreen.