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Cleaning Lady Gets Filthy brazzers


Cleaning Lady Gets Filthy
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In short Phoenix Marie has come to clean the house of Mrs. Starr and her bratty daughter Violet Starr. Phoenix is there to get the job done but Violet won’t leave her alone. Violet has no manners and makes a mess wherever she goes; laughing at Phoenix and trying to order her around. After Violet makes a mess of the bathroom while fucking herself with a dildo, Phoenix decides it’s the last straw! It’s time to punish that gorgeous little slut and shows her who’s boss.

but Katie and I completed the application together with haste.  I was a guidance counselor fiercely fighting for his student’s future.  This was me at my best.  I am good at my job and want all my students to succeed.  Neither of us mentioned anything about my “side hustle” in which she was my obedient sex slave.

She was back on her way to State; college-bound and very grateful for my help.

To Clarify Event Three – Katie’s friend, Mackenzie, tried to seduce and blackmail me

This brings us to Katie’s outburst.  she had just explained how Mackenzie had gone rogue and attempted to seduce me and record it on her phone.  I had footage of them cheating so Mackenzie tried to get her own footage. To Clarify phonix caught her in her plan to blackmail me. Katie was pissed.

Katie is always three steps ahead.  She had smarts and class.  Today, however, she was not displaying much of her usual class as the rant over Mackenzie’s actions raged on.  “She would never have pulled this stunt if her brain was as large as her thighs.  I could kill her…”

Her tirade of pacing and cursing about Mackenzie abruptly stopped. But I had not spoken in several minutes and did not know what on earth she was objecting to.  Tears filled her eyes.  “Please don’t do this, Mr. V.  Kenzie is a dumb slut with no FUCKING brain Cleaning Lady Gets Filthy.  And what about my scholarship?  Because We just got that was a win for us, you and I, Mr. V.  please”

Porn Stars: Phoenix Marie / Violet Starr