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Executive Sweet – Kayley Gunner


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A penthouse, a home spa, a handsome masseur – Kayley earned it all, but being a boss gets exhausting. What her muscles need right now is a long, deep-seeing to, misconduct scandal be damned.

Jake fell back onto the couch, still looking at the three of us on the floor, me still stuffed with two cocks.  Ron slowly started pulling out, eliciting a guttural moan from me.  As his cock slipped out of my ass, I fell forward onto Steve, his cock still in my wetness as I nuzzled my face against his chest spreading Jake’s cum on Steve’s chest with my breasts and face.  It actually felt really good on my nipples and I started moving around more, smearing cum all over our chests.  As I did that, Steve’s softening cock slipped out of my folds, followed by a glop of his cum — or was it Ron’s?

I turned around and started cleaning the cum off of Steve’s cock and balls.  His cock twitched once or twice, but didn’t start getting hard.  Steve guided my hips above his face and started licking my folds, cleaning me of multiple loads of cum.  Jake got off the couch and stepped behind me as I took Steve’s soft cock into my mouth, Steve’s tongue buried in my pussy.  Steve shifted his attention from my labia to my clit as I felt Jake’s cock on my pussy lips.  As he thrust into me.

I ground my hips down on Steve’s face, almost fucking my clit between his lips. he arched my back, pressing down on Steve’s thighs with my hands as Jake pulled out and thrust into me again. she watched Ron come back from the bathroom, drying his cock off as it stiffened.  He walked directly across the room to me and offered his cock to me.

Jake shifted and started fucking me harder, pushing my face into Ron’s cock.  I started at Ron’s balls, working my way back along the underside of his shaft, bouncing a little back towards his balls with each thrust from Jake.  Steve continued to flick his tongue over my clit when I wasn’t grinding my sex into him.

When I reached Ron’s head, I opened my mouth and slid my lips around him, flicking my tongue across the tip.  As I opened my mouth to take a little more of him, Jake slammed into me, pressing me forward and sliding Ron’s cock right down my throat.  That’s what I was hoping to do anyway, so I was ready for it, but I never thought I would be able to take a ten-inch cock all the way into my mouth and down my throat in one go.

This time I think it was Jake who started my orgasm.  His hands were on my hips and he was pulling me back every time he slammed into me, pushing his cock deep within me, right where I like it.  It may have started there, but Steve’s constant attention to my clit amplified it as it ripped through me.  Pulsing around Jake’s cock, liquid flowing out of me onto Steve’s face — it was too much to take.  I felt like I was holding on to Ron’s cock and sucking the end of it just to stay connected to reality.  My insides were on fire, body pulsing with energy.  Just as I thought it was going to calm down, Jake started shifting his cock around inside me, massaging the walls deep within my cunt with the head of his cock.  Instead of coming down, I was hit with another wave.

Jake lifted my hips and, after Steve crawled out from under me, got my knees directly below me.  He put his knees outside of mine, pinning me in place.  With his hands on my hips, he started fucking me again.  But I knew where this was going, and I was already building in excitement and towards my next peak.

Jake kept fucking me faster as he sat back a little with each release, eventually, he’d worked his knees forward until he was almost sitting on my heels.  My legs were tightly together, held by his strong legs, which put extra pressure on the side walls of my cunt as he slammed me down onto him repeatedly.  That’s when he shifted to my breasts, lifting me by them before letting gravity impale me on his manhood.  He knew what this would do to me, and just as he started tweaking my nipples.

I was overwhelmed by yet another wave of bliss.  And true to form, as I started cumming, he stopped moving me, letting me pulse around his cock, sunk deep within me, moving only his fingertips on my nipples, which prolonged my orgasm.  As I started coming down, he shifted again, back on to our knees, but still with my legs clamped tightly together.  I reached back and we clasped wrists.

I had never thought about what this position would look like to a spectator, but now I realized it thrust my breasts out in front of me, leaving me exposed and vulnerable — or at least as vulnerable as a woman already getting fucked out of her mind can be.  Steve sat in front of me and tried to catch my nipple in his mouth while my breasts bounced around to the rhythm of Jake’s fucking.

Ron was standing in front of me, his cock inches from my face again.  And Jake helped out by leaning me a little further forward.  He did not stop fucking me as hard and fast as he could, though.  Suddenly, I felt something slipping out of my ass, followed immediately by Jake’s cock driving more wetness into me.  I thought Jake had cum, but Jake said, “Thanks Ron,” and I realized Ron’s load had slipped out of my ass and coated Jake’s cock as it slid more freely into me.

Soon, I could feel Jake tense, stop thrusting, and cum into me, pulling my arms back to press himself as deeply inside of me as he could reach.  Ron had his hands on either side of my face, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth while Jake emptied himself into my cunt.  Jake released my arms one at a time, allowing me to support my own weight, then cup Ron’s balls before stroking the part of his cock that wasn’t in my mouth.