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Vixen – Last Minute Fun – Adriana Chechik


For the last year, Adriana has been working as an Executive Vixen Assistant, working many late nights for a boss who is very demanding. When he asks her to be a business date, she is thrilled and she was very excited about getting to know him a little better. She has an amazing time and she really doesn’t want it to end. When he offers her some time off for her help, she lets him know, she really wants to continue their fun, and he is happy to do so. She is about to get exactly what she has been craving since the day she got the job.
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After I had sex with three guys in the bathroom of this Hispanic bar, I tried to forget what happened. “Was this really me”, was the question I kept asking myself.  Tito, the leader, had planned on taking me back to their house and wasn’t happy that Mo intervened. As he was leaving, he threatened to see me later. I tried to ignore him but instead just smiled. I guess me smiling meant something to him. Because, he chuckled and told me that I was now on my way. I asked him what he meant. He didn’t answer but just laughed and walked away.Mo told me not to worry that he was just playing a mind game with me.

As for Geri, a tall skinny cute blonde with long legs and small breast, looked trashed when I picked her up at Tito’s house late Sunday night. She didn’t want to talk about what happened to her and I didn’t mention my ordeal at the bar. The next week at work she was quiet about the whole experience, but looked worried. She didn’t say anything until Friday at lunch. That’s when she showed me a text from Juan;