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Lust Part 2 – Freya Mayer, Sonya Blaze


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Freya and Sonya have become so close on this cruise, which is a problem because Freya couldn’t keep herself from steering Sonya’s boyfriend into a private cabin. Sonya knows all about it, and even though Freya is sleeping with her boyfriend, it only makes her more attracted to her knew friend. In unprotected waters, anything goes. Part 2 of 2.

He started with slow movements.  Small movements.  But as my whimpers turned to moans, his speed and range of motion increased.  Before long, Ron was fucking my ass almost as hard as he’d fucked my pussy earlier.

Gradually, I stood up a little, glancing to see Jake stroking his cock again, then looking down to see Steve, his cock rigid again, also.  I moved Ron around so he was leaning against the arm of the couch.  I was in front of him with his cock deep in my ass.  Then I motioned Steve over and guided his cock to my cunt.  I rubbed his cock through all the liquid coming out of me before positioning him for entry.  Ron stopped thrusting for a moment as Steve entered me.

I’d never had two cocks filling me before, and I started cumming almost Lust.  The men stood still as I thrashed around on their cocks, causing more and more waves of bliss to wash through me.  As my movements slowed, Ron started moving a bit.  He would pull almost all the way out of me before slowly thrusting all the way back in.  Steve was fucking me with little tiny thrusts — almost pulses of fucking — which was somehow exactly what I needed.

I could feel hands on my hips, hands on my breasts, hands on my shoulders and in my hair.  I was filled to bursting and thoroughly enjoying myself.  And then a devilish idea hit me.

I looked over at Jake.  Of course, his eyes were locked on me, watching me be taken by two men who were groping every part of me.  And yet I wanted more.

“I need more cock, Jake,” I said to Lust.  “Get over here and fuck my face.  Make me into the slut you want me to be.  Fucked in every hole at once.  Make me a fuck toy.”

His eyes did get super wide, but he wasted no time in dropping his pants and coming over.  We had a few laughs as he climbed onto the couch to try to get his cock to my mouth, and I did get it in for a lick or two, but it was too awkward.

I had Steve pull out and lay down on the ground.  Ron stayed in me as we moved over and I impaled myself on Steve, whose hands immediately went to my breasts, then my hips.  Ron wound his arm around my waist, allowing him to press himself deeply into my ass again and again.  Steve used his hands on my waist to guide me up and down on his shaft.  And Jake’s cock was at my lips.  I let Steve and Ron guide my lower body and I focused on Jake.  I licked the underside, taking one of his balls into my mouth.  Then I licked back up to the tip and slipped my lips around him.  I used one hand to guide his cock and move it so I could suck it how he loved, while I used my other hand on my clit.

A lot happened at once then.  Jake grabbed my Lust and started getting rough, shoving his cock as deeply down my throat as he could.  Steve also started slamming my hips down on him as he bucked his hips up, repeatedly driving his cock as deep into me as he could.  And Ron’s grip tightened and his movements became smaller but more urgent.

I think I started cumming first, both from the incredible sensations coursing through my body from these men, and from the sexual ecstasy of giving up power and being thoroughly controlled and used by three men at once.  As my body was convulsing, Jake started cumming.  I couldn’t keep his cock in my mouth as I spasmed, so his thick ropes of cum splashed across my face and chest.  I also felt Steve pulsing deep within me, his thrusting done.  Which left Ron, still urgently fucking my ass with small powerful thrusts until, he too started Lust inside me.