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How do you get a seat at the table with a high-powered bombshell like Lika? Do you woo her with gifts and bend over backward, or get right to the point? Lika plays hardball and prefers it rough and dirty.

A quick spray of deodorant under the armpits and pornhub vixen a clean tee-shirt and I’m ready to go but Katie seems to take forever to get ready. Finally, she shouts from her bedroom that the taxi is on its way. I knock back the rest of my bottle of beer just as Katie comes out of her room.

She looks stunning. Her blonde hair is hanging loose around her shoulders and she looks so good in a cropped top and skater skirt. The thigh highs and heels just set the outfit off.

I make another tit of myself by uttering, pornhub vixen “Wow, you look gorgeous,” when I see her to which she retorts that I must mean she looks terrible the rest of the time. When I try and apologise she giggles and tells me she’s only joking and she takes my hand and leads me out of the flat and downstairs to where the taxi is waiting.

The alcohol I’ve already drunk has lowered my inhibitions and loosened my tongue which is never a good combination. So when we are standing in the bar of the club, pornhub vixen vodka and coke in hand and Katie mentions Heather, I raise my hand and tell her that I love Heather and I was just being silly and for her to forget everything I might have told her earlier. But Katie just laughs and strokes my arm.

Porn Stars: LIKA STAR / Manuel Ferrara