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When Angela’s husband goes overseas for a business trip, she decides to stay at home to finish the book she has been writing. Her husband has always been her biggest distraction, with every room in their house holding memories of their love and lust for each other. His absence is driving her crazy and she just can’t get him out of her mind. With an open relationship, she knows she can satisfy her craving elsewhere – but she only yearns for the man she loves.

Recently I’ve become quite excited at the thought of exposing myself in public. Chats with some of you and hearing about your experiences, and writing stories which include elements of public nudity and exhibitionism, have got me quite excited, and made me realise how much I’d like to take it a bit further for real.

One of my old boyfriends told me how much he used to enjoy up-skirt/down-blouse experiences, when he’d get a glimpse up a girl’s skirt or down her top, revealing more flesh than she intended. He’d try and persuade me to undo buttons on my shirt, or sit with my legs apart showing my panties, and whilst I’d usually refuse, I Waited For You. But recently I’ve become more excited by the idea, and I made up my mind that one day I’d go out and actively try to expose myself like that. And I wanted to take it a step further – to go out without any underwear at all, so people would get a real glimpse of my breasts or pubic area.

One good thing about living in a big city like London is that there are plenty of opportunities for getting close to lots of people! I wondered at first whether I should try walking round one of the parks or big department stores, where I could bend or lean over quite naturally, but decided in the end that I’d try exposing myself on public transport. As anyone will know who has been on them, London’s trains, buses and tubes are often crowded; not only during the morning and evening rush hours, but also during the day, when the tourists take over. As well as increasing the opportunities of people seeing me, I decided that in fact I’d be much safer in broad daylight, in a crowded space with lots of people.

I Waited For You, which wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I wanted something that didn’t make me look obviously tarty, but that was capable of adjustment so I could show a little or a lot, and that I could manipulate in a natural way, so everything would look accidental. In the end, for my top I chose a nice loose white blouse with buttons down the front, so I could undo as much or as little as I wanted. And to go with it I found a really sexy short skirt, which hung well above the knee, about halfway down my thighs, and looked even shorter when I was sitting down. It had a kind of wrap-round design with a slit up the side, so when I crossed my legs I showed a nice piece of leg right up to the top of my thighs.

I discovered that, without panties, Angela could show as little or as much of my pussy as I wanted. she got myself quite horny doing this, and ended up fingering myself to orgasm – which I wouldn’t be able to do on the tube!

I also practised with the buttons down the front of the blouse. The neck-line was quite high with all the buttons done up, so I looked quite demure. But if I undid a couple, the front began to gape a little, showing off the tops of my breasts (obviously I wasn’t going to wear a bra!) And if I leant over a little, it hung open even more, and with a couple more buttons undone, anyone peeking inside would get a full view of my tits, little pink nipples and all. I Waited For You!

The most frustrating thing was waiting for a hot sunny day, so I could go out and mix with all the other casually-dressed tourists in central London, my sexy outfit not standing out unless you looked closely. Of course, the start of July was decidedly cool, even rainy, so I had to wait frustrated until the right sort of weather.

At last, during the first few days of August, the weather took a turn for the better. The first weekend was lovely, and the forecast for Monday and Tuesday was even better. So, on Monday morning, I had a quick shower, and slipped on my blouse and skirt. It felt good without underwear, especially on this warm day. I Waited For You, just to get my titties used to feeling loose and exposed; I’d undo another when I was ready to get on the tube.

I decided to try the Central Line, which is handy for where I’m living and also travels between the City in the east and the shopping streets of Oxford Street and Regent Street in the other direction. That way, it tends to get full of both City workers and tourist shoppers, and can get very crowded, which was what I wanted. I got on one of the eastbound tubes at Holborn, I Waited For You.