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Lets Welcome New Student – Shona River,Zoe Doll,Ella Hughes


Ella and Zoe are so excited a guy is joining their class! Their teacher Shona is excited too, and has the girls practice kissing and licking to make sure the new student is properly welcomed. Jordi’s first day at Brazzers ZZ University is about to go down in history!
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As the night and our bantering wore on. I could see why Melody had been taking it slowly with Brazzers Robbie.  Her most favourite hobby was cooking, and from sampling her dishes several times now, she was damn good at it.  Surprisingly, it was after Denise and I had broken up that Melody had begun inviting us over to share. Quite a number of her beautifully-cooked dinners, and through these gatherings she had come to know us both very well.  Robbie, however, didn’t regard her culinary gift as a “real” interest and continually rubbished her over this in favour of his sports.
In fact, the wide variety of home-made sweet and savoury treats. Melody had plied us with throughout the night had drawn effusive praise from me yet again.  Melody clearly appreciated these very well-deserved, but obviously rare, compliments and engaged both myself and Denise in deep yet joyful conversation as it slowly drew closer to midnight.  Although a great mate, I could see Robbie was only digging a deeper hole for himself with Melody as he tried to compete for her attention with further digs at her culinary talent.
After a few too many Cokes – we needed the caffeine to keep us awake! – Robbie asked Denise how he could find the toilet.  Being a somewhat circuitous path upstairs, she decided it was easier. Just to show him rather than try to explain how to get there.  After they left the room and began to climb the stairs, Melody leaned closer to me and spoke in a quiet, yet firm voice, “You are SO much nicer than Robbie!”