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Party Like A Finger’s Up Your Ass


Party Like A Finger’s Up Your Ass
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Notorious womanizer Xander Corvus can’t help but get a sneaky a blowjob at a cocktail party, which only whets his appetite for more. However, when he sticks his finger up LaSirena69’s ass right under her oblivious husband’s nose, it leads to pure party chaos, suspenseful arousal, and a far more difficult path than anticipated to rough and satisfying anal sex. But once Xander finally gets unstuck, he shows LaSirena that his thick, hard cock can truly work some magic.

Neither man needed a second invitation.  She opened her arms and each man nuzzled a breast licking the nipple. As they licked and sucked her breasts she placed her arms around their shoulders and sighed contentedly. “I love this.  Has my husband been telling you what a slut I’ve become?” she shivered when John put his wet finger on her clit. Her legs parted a bit to invite more contact.  Bill got the message and began to stroke her thigh, then her pussy.

Party Like A Finger’s Up Your Ass

“Would someone please go down and lick my pussy?”  When Bill started to do so, she tugged him back. “Let John do it. You stay up here,” She kissed him deeply while cupping his balls with her warm hand. “I’m not going to fuck you now.  I’m going to climb onto John’s cock and ride him.  I want you to watch and imagine your wife doing the same thing to my friend Frank with his big brown cock. Then I want you to cum for me any place but my pussy.  Oh god yes darling,” she moaned, responding to John’s cunt licking.

Soon, John was on his back with Joyce astride his hips. “Put him in please Bill,” he reached behind her and guided John’s rigid cock to her pussy lips. He remained there closely watching her wet pussy slide down then up and down with slow squishing strokes. “Can you envision Kate taking a nine-inch brown dick right now?”

“Mmmm oh yes.” He couldn’t resist leaning in and licking her cute little puckered asshole. That excited her and made her cum quickly, followed quickly by John announcing his orgasm.

Porn Stars: LaSirena69 / Xander Corvus