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Danny D comes home to find that Brazzers has sent him a personal assistant: the stunning Rose Jones. Though Danny is initially unconvinced that he needs an assistant, Rose wins him over with her charms and her ability to dance and shake her ass in various sexy outfits. Once Rose makes it clear that her sweet pussy is also available to “assist” Danny, Danny decides to play along; taking out his big dick and giving the cute blond Brit a satisfying fuck.

The accident wasn’t her fault, it was all but impossible to avoid – the ice would have been invisible in daylight, much less in the dark, and adding in the snow which made the journey along the remote road like they were traveling at warp speed, it was inevitable that there would be an accident.

In the moment before she lost control of the car Jessica had been picturing reaching home and her wife Trish. Her daydream had involved their first kiss as she walked through the door, and how that kiss would have lead to biting lips and nipping flesh, clothes being removed frantically on the way to the bedroom, knickers being pulled down and legs being spread. The image of Trish’s face disappearing between her splayed legs made Jessica move in her seat and grip the steering wheel a little harder. The thought of Trish’s scent on her neck as she ground her pussy against Jess’ thigh, faster and harder until she climaxed, leaving them both a sweaty mess on the bed.

And as the car began to spin on the ice she wondered if she would ever see her again.

Dean, her colleague at the all-girls boarding school where they worked, had pressed his foot to the floor on an invisible brake when the car started to spin but the only sound he made was, ‘shit’, hissed through clenched teeth.

The car ended its three hundred and sixty-degree spin at a steep angle with the passenger tires in the ditch at the side of the road, partially submerged in the drifting snow.

It had taken the two of them several minutes to extricate themselves from their seatbelts and then the car, but when they were standing on the snow covered road in the near pitch dark the seriousness of their situation became apparent – the temperature dropping by the minute, the wind blowing the heavy snow into their faces, soaking their clothes.

‘Okay,’ Dean said, looking around in the dark, ‘I think we could be in trouble here.’

‘I’m sorry,’ Jessica said, looking at the car. ‘I just didn’t see the ice.’

‘It’s not your fault. You weren’t even going that fast,’ Dean replied, pushing his hands into his trouser pockets. ‘But I do think we need to find somewhere to shelter. It’s only five o’clock and it’s only going to get colder.’

‘I think you’re right. Shall we get our luggage from the boot?’

Dean nodded, because walking to the back of the car. ‘I can’t open it, I think the impact has jammed it shut.’

‘Okay,’ Jessica said. ‘Any idea which direction we should head? I don’t remember seeing any buildings since we got this far onto the moor.’

Dean looked across the desolate countryside. ‘If I remember correctly from the last time I did this journey there’s a pub about a mile in that direction.’ He pointed into the distance and Jessica peered into the darkness, trying to see a telltale light. ‘Do you think we’ll be able to walk that far?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, we should be fine,’ Dean replied sounding more confident than he felt.

‘And you’re sure it’s that way?’

‘Yes. Can you see that dark mass in the sky over there?’ Jessica nodded but was not entirely convinced about what she was seeing. ‘That’s Granite Tor, and it’s directly behind a pub.’

‘Okay,’ Jessica said, but pushing her long auburn hair out of her face only for the wind to whip it back. ‘Let’s go before we freeze to death.’


Porn Stars: Danny D / Rose Jones