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PureTaboo – A Girl Like Me A Jenna Foxx Story


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Woman Facing Identity Crisis Struggles To Discover Her True Beauty

Jenna (Jenna Foxx) lives in a world where image is everything. When she’s in front of the camera, she radiates confidence and control, but it’s all for show. What the camera doesn’t see is the battle deep inside that Jenna fights every moment of the day.

When she arrives home from the daily grind, she shuts herself away. She throws off her wig and stares at herself in the mirror, wondering just exactly who she is. Does she really fit society’s beauty standards? Or is she just fooling herself? She feels like she’s not like other girls but can’t quite put her finger on why…

Her roommates, Cassie (Katrina Jade) and Scott (Lucas Frost) are worried about her erratic behavior. Although they’ve been trying to get Jenna to come out of her shell, she always pushes them away. But today, when Jenna tries to ignore them, enough is enough. They enter Jenna’s bedroom together but are shocked when they see Jenna with her shaved head and an elastic bandage wrapped around her middle to conceal her breasts. In a panic, Jenna screams at them to get out, afraid to reveal just how vulnerable she is…