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Working Out Kate brazzers


Working Out Kate
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Join Kate Dee as she works out her perfect body, and stay for what comes next! After Jay Bangher sees Kate’s big tits pop out of her top, he’d rather be fucking than exercising! He oils up Kate’s tits and ass, rubbing her down before he fills her pussy with his big cock!

Next, Chevy was up. I packed a new bowl for her. She had already gotten the bong from Camie and was waiting on me. I handed the bowl to Camie since she would be the one to help Chevy. Camie got on the floor and crawled over to Chevy. It seemed she was going slower than she needed; she knew her ass looked especially hot in her shorts, and she knew I was looking.

I purposely packed a little more weed in Chevy’s bowl. It took her three hits to finish her bowl, but she took it like a champ; she didn’t cough at all. As soon as she blew her last cloud of smoke out, she said, “I need another shot after that.”

We all poured a shot and quickly downed them. Working Out Kate had gotten back on the loveseat beside me. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Your ass looks sexy in those shorts,” then I kissed her.

But After the kiss, she leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, “Does it look as good as Chevy’s titties? I see you keep looking at them.”

“Uh, guys… Are you gonna whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears all night, or are we gonna play some fuckin’ drinkin’ games?”

There was a minor disagreement as to what we should play. Out of nowhere, Chevy asked Camie if she ever played truth or dare in high school. I lit a joint and thought, “This must be how it starts.”

We started the game; it started slow, no one willing to take a dare. In Short We were passing the joint around; Chevy started taking longer pulls. Camie suggested that they take a shot whenever anyone picked truth. That didn’t stop anyone from picking truth; it only slowed the pace down a little. I was shocked by some of Chevy’s answers; she only confirmed what I already knew about her being a slut. I asked how she got her nickname, Chevy. I had heard there was some sort of meaning to it.

but no one would ever tell me what it was, so I asked her Working Out Kate. But She replied that she had a gangbang in her senior year of high school with six college guys in the back of a Chevy pick-up truck. They had stopped in a parking lot behind a grocery store in Virginia Beach. She was a little more graphic than she needed to be, and while she was answering the question, listening to her made my cock hard.

Porn Stars: Jay Bangher / Kate Dee