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Brazzers – Persuading Lela


Persuading Lelawatch trailer
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Ever since Lela Star stopped filming with us, we’ve wanted to get her and her huge ass back in action. And no one’s been more committed to getting that big booty slut back in rotation than her biggest fan, Xander Corvus. One day, Xander spotted Lela jogging and whipped out his phone so he could get some shots of that big booty in action. He followed her into the house for some sweet peeping tom action, but Lela caught him in the act! Luckily for Xander, Lela was still the cock-crazy slut she’s always been, and she started sucking on his fat cock almost instantly. She gave him a nice deepthroat blowjob, sucking on his balls and working the shaft, then took his fat cock deep in her tight little pussy. Finally, he blew a huge creampie deep in her pussy. If that doesn’t convince her to come back, nothing will!

For a second I wonder how we’d explain that to Persuading Lela. Sarah’s skirt has bunched right up around her waist now, so if anyone came past they’d see exactly what is going on. She quickly raises her bum and moves her skirt out of the way so she’s sitting on the grass.

Where the cold lolly has touched her hot pussy, I can see little rivulets of melted black currant juice on her labia and dribbling down onto the grass. She gets a grip on the tube, and slowly pushes the lolly against her slit, gasping at the cold.

“Ahhhh, fuck…”

As I watch, her outer labia part around the lolly and it slips up inside.

“Oh, fuck fuck fuck, Annie … that feels … amazing … oh … I can feel it all the way up…”

And she even starts to frig herself with the lolly, pushing it in and out. Her warm vagina is melting it quite a lot, and great squirts of purple goo are oozing out of her slit. She’s moaning and gasping.

Oh bugger, it’s so totally hot. I’m so wet myself; I put my hand inside my blouse and squeeze my breast, tweaking my nipple.

“Ah, Annie…

…I dare you…

…I dare you…

…to lick it out of me.”

I don’t even need to reply for Persuading Lela. I lie down on the grass in front of Sarah, and put my head between her legs. She pulls her hand away, taking the lolly’s cardboard tube with it, so it’s just sticking out of her pussy, sticky, wet and purple, like a bizarre cock. Her cunt muscles are obviously clutching it, as it’s pulsating slightly in and out of her pussy even without her hand on it.

I put my mouth round the end that’s sticking out, and suck it into my mouth. By alternately sucking and blowing with my mouth, I can thrust the rapidly melting lolly in and out of Sarah’s cunt. I can taste her own sticky juices on it, running into my mouth.

Sarah is moaning even more; she’s so aroused. She starts thrashing about, so much so that the ice lolly slips out of her onto the grass. But I’m not interested in it anymore; I just want to taste Persuading Lela pussy. My tongue is lashing over her labia, then I shove it into her as far as I can. I rub my face against her pubic mound, stimulating her clitoris at the same time. I rub my own clit at the same time, pushing my wet panties aside as my fingers enter my own cunt. Sarah’s got one hand inside her shirt, mashing her boobs, while trying to steady herself on the grass with the other. She’s grunting fast now, so close to orgasm. I can taste a mixture of black currant and pussy juice in my mouth; I lap it up, so delicious. Sarah is humping her pussy into my face. Oh god…

“Oh fuck, I’m coming, Annie!” Sarah actually screams.

And then she comes, a huge squirt of juice splashing out all over my face, running down my chin, dripping onto the grass.

“Persuading Lela.”

I come myself, my fingers thrusting in and out of my pussy, swallowing as much of Sarah’s juices as I can, as she squirts again and again, trembling all over.

Porn Stars: Lela Star / Xander Corvus