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Brazzers – The Naughty Nanny: Part 2 – Gianna Dior


Gianna Dior and Missy Martinez have just enough time to clean up after Brazzers their hot, sneaky fuck and return to the living room to meet with Keiran Lee. Keiran assumes Gianna has just arrived, meaning that he can grill her about the nanny Brazzers job, but Missy has other ideas and explains that the sexy Gianna’s been hired. Missy asks Keiran to show Gianna to her new room, which he eagerly does, and as Gianna settles in, Keiran can’t resist checking out her perfect tits and ass. Left alone, Gianna discovers that  Keiran forgot his phone, and she uses the opportunity to take some naked selfies for him to discover, leading to Keiran settling Gianna in with his hard cock.
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Then just when I was going to answer, Tito gave me a hard smack on my ass. I yelped just as Juan spanked the other ass cheek. Turning back I whimpered, “What was that for. I’ve done everything that was asked of me. I had so many men treat me like a cheap whore and swallowed so much semen. Why hurt me now?”

Juan gave out a hoot and answered, “Because Puta it says too on your back. Someone wrote, ‘Spank Me Hard’ right over the top of your ass. What you didn’t know?”

I tuned over on my side and looked down as I said, “No I didn’t, but now it makes since all of the guys were spanking me.”

Tito was laughing when Juan came over and said, “Now it’s my turn to fuck that hot body of yours. I wanted to a few weeks ago, but you never showed. Tito has some business to discuss with Cisco and while he’s doing that, I’m going to fuck you really hard.”

Porn Stars: Gianna Dior / Keiran Lee