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Our Slutty Houseguest: Part 2


Our Slutty Houseguest: Part 2

Our Slutty Houseguest: Part 2
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Now more determined than ever to get with her hot BIL Xander, Quinn brazenly masturbates at the breakfast table to tease him, right under her sister’s nose. Quinn finally seals the deal by getting naked and walking in on Xander while he showers. But now that Xander’s decided to plunge his dick into Quinn’s sweet pussy, how are they going to keep his nosy wife from finding out?

It was Friday afternoon, and neither Sarah nor I had any scheduled lessons. We were supposed to spend the time doing “private study” in the library, which could range from catching up on homework, revising for exams, or pretending to read the newspapers while texting our friends under the table. But once you were in the sixth form, you were supposed to be mature enough to manage your own time (haha), so if you didn’t have any lessons they would usually turn a blind eye if you slipped away early – as long as you didn’t hang around the town center smoking and flirting with the boys from the other school.

I had some reading to do, but as it was so warm and sunny I decided I’d go to the park and do it. Sarah didn’t really have anything to do, but she agreed to come with me and top up her tan, as she put it.

“Just as long as you don’t disturb me, Sarah,” I said.

“Don’t be such a bore, Annie!”

The school is on the edge of town, just down the road from Greensands Park, which is pretty big, with a lake, tennis courts, adventure playground for the kids, even a restaurant and tea shop.

This afternoon, there are a few mothers with little kids and old guys walking their dogs, but it’s pretty quiet; most kids are still in school, except lucky us.

Our Slutty Houseguest

We find ourselves a quiet spot on the grass, and make ourselves comfortable. We take off our blazers, shoes and socks, and I get out my textbook, while Sarah lies down on her back. She pulls up her school skirt (which is already pretty short) to get as much sun as possible to her long legs.

Everything is quiet for a while, apart from the sound of the birds and a mother a long way off, shouting at her child. But Sarah doesn’t really do quiet.



“It’s nice here isn’t it?”





“Are my legs getting brown yet?”

“Sarah, we’ve only been here for ten minutes. You’re hardly going to look like Coleen Rooney yet.”

“Sod off, Annie, at least my tan’s real! I’m going to be brown, not orange.”

Sarah does tan well – I tend to go a bit pink if I’m not careful, but she actually browns pretty quickly, and doesn’t need to slap on the fake stuff. Her legs look good anyway; I can see the slight tan lines on her thighs where she’s pulled her skirt up. Rather sexy, to be honest.

I’m actually feeling a bit warm. The straps on my white “school approved” bra are a bit tight, and I can feel then getting a bit itchy in the heat. I sit up and try to adjust them as best I can. Sarah smiles at me.

“You a bit uncomfortable Annie?” she inquires.

“Yes, these blasted straps, can’t seem to get them right.”

“Mmmm…I dare you Annie…”

Oh dear – she’s off again. Sarah has always had this thing about dares – ever since she was just a little kid. She was always daring all her friends to do stupid things, then running away when we got hurt or into trouble. I dread to think what she’s got in mind now…

“I dare you Annie…to take your bra right off!”

“Oh come off it, Sarah.”

“Hey Annie, admit it, you want to! So go on – just do it!”

I have to admit, it’s tempting. I do like to go bra-less when I get the chance. My breasts aren’t that big (32b) and very firm, so they don’t need all that much support. But my nipples and areolae are quite dark, so I wouldn’t do it under a white blouse: well, not usually.

“Oh I don’t know, Sarah.”

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I’m actually hoping she’ll try to persuade me. It’s as if I don’t want it to be my decision, so I can blame her if it goes wrong.

“Come on, Annie, I’ve dared you! You have to!”

Those are Sarah’s rules, but I wouldn’t if I didn’t want to.

“Oh, heavens, Sarah, okay, I’ll do it.”

It’s not as easy as it sounds, underneath my blouse. I try to unclasp the back from outside my blouse, but can’t get a grip. Sarah isn’t much help, giggling like a little kid.

“Let me help, Annie,” she says, and lifts my blouse up slightly at the back, pushing her hands up inside.

“Ah, careful, Sarah,” I complain, trying to hold the front of my blouse down while she fiddles around at the back. It would help if she wasn’t laughing so much. Eventually she does it, and the cups are loose. Then I have to slide one strap down over my arm (which is really tricky, I have to bend my arm right in), then pull the whole bra out of my other sleeve. Heaven knows what I must look like, wriggling around like this.

But at last it’s done. I shove my bra quickly into my schoolbag and adjust my blouse, making sure it’s buttoned up properly. The swell of my little breasts and my dark red nipples are clearly visible underneath. I’m a bit nervous.

“Oh hell, Sarah, look at me, it’s a bit obvious.”

“Mmm, Annie, you look well sexy!”

“I dare say I do; to some old pervert who gets off on schoolgirls!”

“Ah, Annie, don’t say that! I’m not a pervert.”

“Hmph! That’s a matter of opinion, Anyway, it’s my turn now.”

Sarah’s a bit surprised – I don’t usually join in like this, but the warm sun and feeling my breasts bare under my shirt have got me a bit horny.

“Okay, Annie.”

“I dare you…to take your panties off!”


It’s nice to have shocked her for a change.

“Come on Sarah, it’s easy! You don’t have to fuss about with them like I did with my bra. They come straight down.”

“I don’t know, Annie.”

“Come on!” And I actually lunge over and put my hand up her skirt, trying to grab hold of them. Her thighs feel smooth and warm under my fingers.

“Gerroff, Annie! I’ll do it, okay?”

And she does, raising up her bum, first one cheek then the other, as she eases her panties out from under them. She slowly pulls them down to the edge of her skirt, then has a quick look round to make sure she’s not being watched before slipping them quickly down her legs and into her bag.

“Happy now, Annie?” she says with a smile.

She sits up, legs up and knees together, letting her skirt slip up round her waist.

“Can you see anything?” she asks.

I can see the curve of her bum cheeks up her skirt, but that’s about it.

“Not really, Sarah.”

“How about this?”

And she parts her knees slightly, just giving me a glimpse up between her thighs. Oh wow, I can see the pink of her bare slit. It even looks a bit moist. She shuts her legs again quickly.

“My turn again, Annie.”

Oh lord, I really shouldn’t have given her the chance to get me back.

“Erm, I don’t know, Sarah.”

“Come on, you have to play now. I dare you … to undo the top buttons on your blouse.”

I thought she was going to have my panties off; a few buttons doesn’t seem so bad.

So I undo the top button. Looking down, I can see the swell of the top of my breasts just visible down my blouse.

“Buttons, Annie – you’ve got to do more than one.”

Another button…gosh, you can see quite a lot now. The tips of my nipples are clearly visible to anyone looking down.

“Mmm, Annie, that’s so naughty!”

because I don’t think Sarah knows just how much is showing from my angle, but I’m afraid I’m getting into this now.

“How about you, Sarah? I think your bra needs to come off now.”

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“Okay, I dare you to take your bra off, Sarah.”

“I thought you’d never ask, Annie.”

but she has hers off quick as a flash. Not sure how she made that look so easy. Perhaps she does it a lot. And her breasts look so good! They’re bigger than mine, and they’re really straining at her blouse, squishing her nipples flat. Bet that feels amazing.

I’ve still got my panties on. I’m ready for Sarah’s next dare, expecting them to go next. Good job they’re nice ones; but she has another idea.

“I dare you, Annie, to go and get ice-creams from that van over there!”

“Eh? What’s the dare in that?”

“But you gotta undo another button first!”

Oh, bumholes. I get it now. There are only four buttons in the first place. I’ll be almost fully exposed.

“Erm … okay Sarah.”

I undo the button. Oh, that’s so revealing. You can see almost everything, but I’ve got to go through with it, it’s a dare.

So I get my purse and go over to the ice-cream van. There’s a young guy behind the counter.

“A 99 and a black-currant ice-lolly please,” I say, as calmly as I can.

to clarify His eyes are on stalks. “Okay love,” he says. I think he’s too amazed to even pretend not to look. My shirt is gaping open so much that from where he is, looking down from the van, he must be able to see right inside my blouse, the whole curve of my breast and my red nipple, which is pretty hard.

He leans over to hand me the ices, having a good look.

“I’ve given you an extra flake on the house, love,” he says.

“Aw thanks, but you’re a sweetie!” I reply, giving him an innocent smile. As I stretch up to hand him the money, my blouse gapes even more, leaving absolutely nothing covered. Oh god, I feel so horny, the air circulating round my bare titties. I turn round and hare off back to Sarah, before the poor guy can say anything else. I flop down on the grass, my blouse flapping open.

Sarah is agog. “Wow, Annie, did he get to see all of that?”

“He sure did; it must have made his day! He gave me an extra flake!”

“No more than you deserve, honey.”

Sarah licks her black-currant lolly in its cardboard tube, tonguing and sucking it as if she were giving a blow-job. This gives me an idea so naughty that I hardly dare say it.

“Okay, Sarah, my turn again. I dare you to…push that ice-lolly into your pussy.”

I thought Sarah would act more shocked, but perhaps she was thinking something similar. This is so rude though.

“Really, Annie, are you sure?”

“It’s a dare Sarah!”

She’s going to do it, too. Sarah raises her knees, then parts her legs, wider this time so I can see right up her skirt to her pink slit. It’s definitely wet, her labia puffy and aroused. I think she may have been playing with herself when I was away.

She takes the lolly and pushes a good length out of its cardboard tube. Holding it in one hand, she guides it up between her open thighs, towards her pussy. As it touches her labia, she gasps.

“Oh god, that’s fucking freezing, Annie!”

“It’s an ice lolly, Sarah. What did you expect?”

“Fuck, Annie, you can’t expect me to put this actually inside me! I’ll get frostbite!”

For a second I wonder how we’d explain that to A&E. Sarah’s skirt has bunched right up around her waist now, so if anyone came past they’d see exactly what is going on. She quickly raises her bum and moves her skirt out of the way so she’s sitting on the grass.

in short Where the cold lolly has touched her hot pussy, I can see little rivulets of melted black currant juice on her labia and dribbling down onto the grass. She gets a grip on the tube, and slowly pushes the lolly against her slit, gasping at the cold.

“Ahhhh, fuck…”

As I watch, her outer labia part around the lolly and it slips up inside.

“Oh, fuck fuck fuck, Annie … that feels … amazing … oh … I can feel it all the way up…”

And she even starts to frig herself with the lolly, pushing it in and out. Her warm vagina is melting it quite a lot, and great squirts of purple goo are oozing out of her slit. She’s moaning and gasping.

Oh bugger, but it’s so totally hot. I’m so wet myself; I put my hand inside my blouse and squeeze my breast, tweaking my nipple.

“Ah, Annie…

…I dare you…

…I dare you…

…to lick it out of me.”

I don’t even need to reply this time. I lie down on the grass in front of Sarah, and put my head between her legs. She pulls her hand away, taking the lolly’s cardboard tube with it, so it’s just sticking out of her pussy, sticky, wet and purple, like a bizarre cock. Her cunt muscles are obviously clutching it, as it’s pulsating slightly in and out of her pussy even without her hand on it.

I put my mouth round the end that’s sticking out, and suck it into my mouth. By alternately sucking and blowing with my mouth, I can thrust the rapidly melting lolly in and out of Sarah’s cunt. I can taste her own sticky juices on it, running into my mouth.

Sarah is moaning even more; she’s so aroused. She starts thrashing about, so much so that the ice lolly slips out of her onto the grass. But I’m not interested in it anymore; I just want to taste her pussy. My tongue is lashing over her labia, then I shove it into her as far as I can. I rub my face against her pubic mound, but

stimulating her clitoris at the same time. I rub my own clit at the same time, pushing my wet panties aside as my fingers enter my own cunt. Sarah’s got one hand inside her shirt, because mashing her boobs, while trying to steady herself on the grass with the other. She’s grunting fast now, so close to orgasm.

but I can taste a mixture of black currant and pussy juice in my mouth; I lap it up, so delicious. Sarah is humping her pussy into my face. Oh god…

“Oh fuck, I’m coming, Annie!” Sarah actually screams.

And then she comes, a huge squirt of juice splashing out all over my face, running down my chin, dripping onto the grass.


I come myself, my fingers thrusting in and out of my pussy, swallowing as much of Sarah’s juices as I can, as she squirts again and again, trembling all over.

I pull out from between Sarah’s thighs, feeling her juices dripping off my chin, running down my neck and between my breasts. She came so much.

I’m breathing hard too, trying to get under control again.

“Oh Annie, that was amazing! I’ve never come like that before!”

She’s gasping, clenching her thighs together, still coming down from her orgasm.

“Kiss me, Annie…”

But suddenly I’m worried, I can see a lady with a dog talking to someone in uniform. Oh god, please, not a policeman, he’s pointing in our direction.

“Oh fuck, Sarah, I think we’d better go…quick…grab your stuff!”

We’ve neither of us ever moved so fast, me with my blouse still unbuttoned, Sarah pantie-less and with her sticky juices dribbling down her thighs. We grab our bags and sprint for the park gates, both of us barefoot clutching our shoes, me trying to do up my blouse to stop my tits flopping out completely. I see the policeman walking in our direction, but at least he’s not running.

Luckily, there’s a bus just coming, so we jump on. We travel a couple of stops, then hop off and escape into the shopping centre, breathless and a little bit scared in case anyone comes after us. But I think we’re safe, just as long as no-one in the park realised what school we’re from. Sarah is giggling again, her bare breasts heaving under her blouse, her nipples still hard (mine too).

“Oh wow, Annie.”

“Sarah, remind me never to play dares with you again.”

“Oh come on, Annie, it was incredible…that lolly…your tongue…oh wow…I want to come like that again!”

I kiss her.

“If we don’t get arrested for indecent exposure, I’ll see what I can do,” I promise.

Porn Stars: Quinn Wilde / Xander Corvus