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Cold Feet Hot Sex


Cold Feet Hot Sex
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to clarify After having fainted before her wedding, Kiki Daniels is rushed into Doctor Danny D’s office by her maid of honor and her groom-to-be. Danny examines Kiki, and it’s soon evident that the only thing she’s suffering from is cold feet! Danny requests that he further ‘examine’ her alone, treating Kiki’s symptoms with his big cock, leading to some sneaky sex behind the groom’s back!

but Now I was legitimately confused. A man and woman can be great friends… AFTER they have sex. Until that time, sex is always the elephant in the room. Terry and I had never had sex. And if I had a choice of someone to have sex with, it would have been her. She knew this. I did not know the vice versa. Here she was telling me the vice versa.

because The other consideration is that sex is the ruination of friendship. Once dick goes into pussy, all bets are off. There are heightened expectations, disappointments, heartbreaks, misunderstandings and arguments. I didn’t want that for Terry and me. I couldn’t afford to lose her as a friend. And now my dick is saying, “Yeh, but… yeh, but…”

in short I wanted to tell her all this. But I could see in her eyes that she’d considered each and every angle already. She knew me well.

“Do you really want to fuck up our friendship?” I asked.

“danny dunno, Artie. Kiki Daniels just know that I couldn’t continue without telling you how I felt.”

“How DO you feel?” I asked.

but She stepped to me, reached up and slipped her tongue into my mouth. There was no strained breathing, no surreptitious humping, no groping at my belt. Just a pure, unadulterated kiss. It was the same kiss I’d fallen in love with eight years before. She reached up to stroke my cheek with her left hand. When she stepped back, I was in love again… for the second time that Cold Feet Hot Sex.

Porn Stars: Danny D / Kiki Daniels