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Movie Night Brazzers – CHARLOTTE RAYN


Movie Night Brazzers
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Charlotte Rayn is enjoying a movie night with her new husband when her new stepson, Jimmy Michaels, tries to butt in and watch alongside them. Jimmy’s dad would rather he go clean up the mess in his room, however, and leave them alone. Jimmy’s got a few tricks up his sleeve, however, and after the old “vacuum against his cock trick” doesn’t help get him some alone time with his hot stepmom, he finds another way to take his dad out of the equation! Let’s just say Charlotte’s in for a big surprise when she sticks her hand in the bucket of popcorn – and the treat she discovers is too good to pass up!

My Movie Night Brazzers career in shop work ended in my early twenties in another town. Shop management was all glory and low pay. I took a job in a local factory with much better wages. I was also living independently and for once, l had money to spend; some of which l intended to spend on cross-dressing after l had seen it in imported and, probably not legal at the time, porn mags.

Like many other people, l had tried dressing in my mother’s clothes and looking at the underwear section of her Littlewoods catalogue which was not very fashionable but a thrill all the same. I wanted to explore and experience my knowledge of this aspect of my sexuality.

As my nerve deserted me and I went to leave, the manager approached me and a general conversation started. I made my mind up that l would return on Thursday.

It was with more confidence that I entered the shop late that Thursday evening. The shop manager, Craig, remembered me and asked what I was looking for. I stumbled about telling him about my fictitious gender swap party. He said lots of people shop here for that and he told me to help myself and try them on to see if they fit.

Well, there were plenty of choices but a lot of it old-fashioned. I selected a dark blue pleated skirt that I thought would flair out

as l twirled and a white lacy Movie Night Brazzers. It occurred to me that getting nice underwear and stockings was going to be a problem as there was no online shopping then but it was a start.

In the changing room, l decided to strip down to get the effect but in doing so managed to get an erection but when the outfit was on and I gave a twirl you couldn’t see Movie Night Brazzers.

I didn’t think it looked too bad and I would happily wear it around my flat. I was lost in thought when Craig suddenly announced if everything was alright and could he check if everything fitted. With that, he pulled the curtains to one side and I stopped twirling.