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The Bidding War


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At a lavish, ultra-exclusive auction, rich businessmen Isiah Maxwell and Ricky Johnson are competing for the top prize – one night in bed with gorgeous MILF Alexis Fawx. The wealthy gents keep outbidding each other, and Isiah wins out with a last-minute bid. Ricky’s not going to stand for that! As Alexis and Isiah fuck in a hotel room, sneaky Ricky stealthily enters and surprises them both when he slips his hard dick inside Alexis’ wet pussy, leading to intense DP sex!

Rachel got up, not looking anyone in the face, and cupped her The Bidding War.

“She deserved that and she will get another dose later,” said Andrew to the guests.

Nobody spoke, but glances went between those assembled as Rachel hobbled towards the house, still clutching her arse cheeks.

“Sorry about the interruption, now let’s get on with the party,” said Andrew and conversation started amongst the guests, but the remainder of the afternoon/evening could not be the same.

Actually, one couple wished that they could go home right now and fuck, but knew that they could not leave yet,

A bit later, Rachel reappeared in the garden. She was full of weak smiles and attempts to chat, but it was noticeable that she did not attempt to sit down. Whilst indoors, she had quickly masturbated to ease her sexual arousal, but she really needed a fucking.

“Um, everyone; I just want to say that I deserved what I got and I want to say sorry to you and Andrew,” announced Rachel.

There were a few ‘no need to apologise’ mumbled by The Bidding War.

“Apology accepted, but you will still get another spanking tonight,” said Andrew.

The party went on and the conversation became a bit more natural, but nobody present could get what they had seen out of their minds.

“I thought something was wrong, didn’t I?” said Georgina to Rachel.

“Yes, you did, didn’t you?” acknowledged Rachel.

“I bet your bum is sore,” continued Georgina.

“It is, and it will be sore again later,” replied Rachel.

“Does that happen often?” asked a curious Georgina, who was wondering if she would like her husband Frank to spank her.

“Not spankings that hard, and never before with people watching,” said Rachel.

It got to almost nine o’clock and the couple that were longing to fuck decided that it was now a time that they could leave without embarrassment, so they said their goodbyes.

When the woman, Sophie, said goodbye to Rachel, Rachel could tell from the woman’s eyes how turned on she was, so Rachel knew what Sophie would be doing when she got home.

The other couples drifted away over the next thirty minutes or so. It had been quite an experience for all of them.

Rachel and Andrew did the clearing up. Rachel knew that the longer that took, the longer it would be before she got her still sore arse spanked again, but it also meant that any fucking would be delayed too.

By the time the clearing up had finished, all six of the couples that had attended were either having sex or had had sex.

One of the couples, Sophie and her husband John, would have had sex anyway because they fucked regularly. Four of the couples either might or might not have done so because their fucking was less frequent. One couple almost certainly would not have done because the fuck that they were now having was their first in three months.

Three of the women, including The Bidding War

“Right, let’s get ourselves organised and then you can get your second spanking,” said Andrew.

“Oh darling, can we not just fuck?” asked Rachel, more in hope than expectation, rubbing the bulge in her husband’s trousers, thinking that that might help.

“We will fuck, but first you still have a good hiding to come,” replied Andrew.

“The Bidding War,” pouted Rachel.

“I did, but that was for misbehaving this afternoon after I warned you;