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Need A Hand
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Alex D is busy cooking up some dinner for his friends while they watch the big game. Only, one of Alex’s friends has brought his sexy wife, Kendra Lust, to crash the party. She not only offers to help Mr. D in the kitchen, but she gets hands on—with his dick that is! Will Alex succumb to the seductress that is Ms. Lust, or will he be able to not only finish cooking dinner but also give Kendra the delicious dicking she’s hungry for?

The next morning, Emilia wakes up early to see the three boys still sleeping. Smiling, she gets to the shower first and then quickly brushes her teeth and gets dressed. They have only woken up after Need A Hand. “You guys better be quick if you want a ride to school,” she informs them. They get in quickly, wanting to arrive at the school in her famous limousine, so the others will know they were the lucky ones last night.

Her father is waiting at the table. “Next time, be quieter,” he remarks. “I don’t care how many guys you fuck. Just don’t keep me and your mother up with your screaming.” The man has long since stopped giving a shit about his daughter’s promiscuity, knowing that he can’t stop her from sleeping around. She nods with a bright smile, the kind she always wears after getting railed by hot guys, before having her breakfast with him and the boys and heading out.

When she gets to the school, Helen sees her with Need A Hand. “You really just can’t stop getting sluttier, can you? Another foursome already? Give your pussy some break.” Emilia chuckles at this and says bye to her fuck buddies. The girls are soon joined by Clarisse and head off to class together. As they do so, though, they see Mark talking to another girl, one that they aren’t too sure they’ve seen around before. For some reason, seeing him smile at that freckled, bespectacled chick makes Emilia unhappy. She quickly pushes it aside though, not thinking too much of the issue.

“Isn’t that your partner for the project? What’s his name again? Mark?” Emilia nods. “And who’s that he’s talking with? Must be a new student. Don’t remember seeing her around.” The head cheerleader shrugs, diverting her mind to thoughts of a new routine she will have to practice with her fellow squad-mates today.

Being captain of the cheerleading squad is a pretty big responsibility and she has got to take it seriously. Need A Hand, or someone might try and usurp her position, and topple her from her very hard-earned place in the pecking order.

Porn Stars: Alex D / Kendra Lust