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Brazzers – VIP – Ashly Anderson


Ashly is a bottle service hostess in the VIP Brazzers area when a big name celeb comes to town. Her boss stresses to her that she must do absolutely everything to make sure the special VIP enjoys his time at their club. That’s no problem for her a talented and qualified service professional like Ashly. From a cool cocktail to a hot pussy, she’s is ready to do whatever she needs to to make sure this hot-shot Brazzers celeb feels like he received top of the line service.
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Afterwards, we drove surface streets until we were in an old part of town. He stopped and parked in front of a lingerie shop. But instead of going in, he had me walk a block down the street to a tattoo parlor. I could feel the stares from people we passed. A couple of Hispanic guys even honked and whistled at me as they drove by.

Once inside, I had to take off my dress and the guy Cleaver chuckled at what was written on my ass cheeks. He turned to Cisco and asked if he needed to tattoo that on my ass too. Cisco laughed, “Just do like normal and have Jade do my tits like the girl last week.”

I lay on my stomach, as this skinning weird looking guy with a lot of piercings, began pricking the small of my lower back. It hurt and he yelled for me to stay still. It took him a while. When he finished, I asked what he did. He took a mirror and had me look back at this work. It was the same writing that Geri had with the word OWNED in caps under it. I also saw what was written in black marker on my ass cheeks.
The left side was ‘Cum Slut’ while on the right side was ‘Cheap Whore’. Then he had me sit up and pull my hair to one side. Behind my right ear and just under the hair line, he tattooed ‘T16’ in small red ink. With the hair over it was not visible. Then he told me how to take care of the tattoos for a week. I asked him if he knew what they meant.

Porn Stars: Ashly Anderson / Jessy Jones