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Roxie has signed up for a challenge today, but it’s nothing this born Sinner can’t handle! Roxie’s agreed to serve customers at a produce stand while she gets serviced by Peter Fitzwell, and they’re going to see just how far they can take it without getting caught. The customers don’t notice when Peter’s just pulling down her jeans to finger her pussy, but people start getting an eyeful when Peter licks her pussy, then slides an ear of fresh corn inside! Roxie is juicier than all the fruit at the market, and Peter fucks her on her table, then she sucks his cock and a zucchini as the shocked customers get it all on camera!

“Daddy, I know you haven’t had any sex for a long time,” she responded.

“My sex life is none of your business, Brenda,” he admonished Fresh Corn.

“Daddy, we’re both in the same boat. I haven’t had sex in a long time either. I was just thinking that instead of masturbating alone, we could watch each other masturbate and make it more enjoyable for both of us,” she explained.

Sam thought, “She’s so beautiful, just like her mother was back then. I’d love to fuck her, but I’m her father and that’s so wrong.

Sam queried, “No touching? Just watching?”

“No touching, Daddy, just watching each other masturbate,” she replied to his query.

After their conversation, they ate supper. There was no talking at the table; each was deep in their own thoughts.

Sam thought, “I shouldn’t have said yes to her Fresh Corn. It’s still wrong for us to see each other naked, much less watch each other masturbate, She makes me so horny, especially wearing her mother’s nightgown, that I guess I lost my mind. It’s too late to renege now.

Brenda was thinking, “I’ve got him now. Hopefully, it won’t take long before we’re touching each other while masturbating, then actually fucking. I hope I don’t screw this up by pressing too quickly.

After supper, they watched television for a while. At nine o’clock, Brenda decided it was time.

“Daddy, let’s go to your room and watch each other masturbate,” she suggested.

“Okay Brenda, we can give it a try and see how we feel about it after,” he conceded.

“Good, because I need to get off now. Let’s go to your Fresh Corn,” Brenda stated.

On the way to Sam’s bedroom, Brenda grabbed a towel from the linen closet. When they entered his room, she laid the towel on the bed and saw a confused look on her father’s face.

“Sometimes I shoot a lot of juice when I cum and I don’t want to soak your bed,” she explained.

She shed her nightgown while Sam hesitantly removed his shorts and t-shirt.

“Come on Daddy, you’ve been naked with a woman before,” she chuckled.

Brenda got on the bed, spread her legs, and played with her pussy. He removed his boxers, revealing an erect seven-inch cock. Seeing her Daddy’s erect cock added to the excitement, and her pussy immediately lubricated. Brenda used the leaking juices to lubricate her folds and clit before continuing to play with her pussy.

Seeing Brenda’s shaved bare pussy and her playing with it had Sam’s cock leaking pre-cum at an amazing rate before he even touched it. He spread the pre-cum over the head of his cock and started pumping it.

“That’s it, Daddy, pump that cum out of your balls and cum for your little girl,” Brenda encouraged.

It’s amazing watching my little girl playing with her cunt,” he thought.

After a while, he asked, “Are you getting close yet?”

“Do you want to see my cunt spray all over the towel?” she inquired.

“Yes Brenda, Cum with me! I’m almost there!” Sam moaned, breathing hard.

“Fresh Corn, Cum for me now!” she exclaimed.